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Organizing! July 9, 2009

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I hate to organize! It seems like a job that is never done. As soon as I’m done with one kid’s room, there is the other kid’s, and the linen closet and WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN MY CLOSET? I cannot even walk into my walk-in closet. It looks like one of those hoarder’s houses on the makeover show where the homeowner just blinks and states she doesn’t know how it got so bad, it’s just thirty years of clutter. But you have three artificial Christmas trees because you can’t find yours so you buy another. And another. That is what my closet looks like; there could be three Christmas trees in there and I would never know. Don’t believe me?

So I am ready to organize this fabric that seems to be engulfing my closet. Let’s be serious though, there is a serious amount of non-fabric clutter in there. So 6 garbage bags later I *think* there is enough room for the fabric and my clothes to peacefully coexist. I start my organizing with a trip to the comic book store. I buy 100 comic book boards for $10 and two comic books for my reluctant helper and we are off.

I fold the fabric longways and the wrap around the board.

I made a little triangle with the end of the fabric.

And tape closed.

Repeat 100 times and find that another trip to the comic book store is required. So I got smart and bought 200 comic book boards (and one comic book for the reluctant helper) and I finish the rest of the fabric.

What to do with the scraps? I treat them like my paper scraps and sort by color and file in a gallon ziploc bag.

So here are the final pictures. I really would have preferred a tv team come in and done all this but I am glad I took the three days it took to get all neat and tidy. This is the corner where my fabric was tenuously piled in a mound spilling all over my shoes:

And this is my fabric on shelves, all pretty!

In this bin is the flannel and knit fabric. It is just the right size for those boards, so if you are working with bins the boards work great!

And this is the bottom of the shelves, featuring clothes I bought Megan on sale that are too big (hopefully now I will remember to give them to her when they fit) and my store bought patterns. My patterns are closer to my sewing machine because they are the ones I actually use! Oh, and there is a little pony which was a duplicate gift two birthdays ago that was lost in the clutter. Does anyone want a little pony?

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my closet. I can tell you Tom did NOT appreciate seeing all the fabric laid out like that, so this is a project you might want to tackle when your husband (or in Tom’s case, wife) is out of town.  My reluctant helper said that it looks good but “too bad you won’t keep it looking that way.” Phooy, no faith!

Now I am waiting for the clean house team to come in and take care of my scrapbooking desk: