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Catching Up January 3, 2010

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On one of my last posts I said something about how I would keep up with everything now that I am PTA president and man, it is tough! The sewing is the hardest to keep up with, but I work it in when I can. Like when we are off from school! Whenever we have a break, I am sewing. Let’s start with Halloween…

Halloween was tough this year, I found a store-bought pattern for fairies that looked pretty easy so of course it wasn’t. Luckily my mom was around to help with the petals and I made two bodices before deciding on the simply sweet halter top that I liked. What a pain that stupid fairy outfit was, but look how cute she is!

It was much more difficult than last year’s Halloween costume. I used Carla’s portrait peasant to make a quick and easy Snow White costume. So cute and I’ve learned my lesson!

For school outfits, I had her Hello Kitty vida which needed its straps repaired and I went ahead and added buttons. I had originally had the straps knotted through the buttonholes and never really liked it. I also added the pom pom trim to jazz it up.

I also had to lengthen the twirl skort pattern for the second time to make her this outfit. I fear this will probably be the last time I can make this one for her, without serious alterations. It is one of her favorite patterns though.

I decided to try that Katrin pattern I used for her back to school outfit again on a black kitty jumper in corduroy. So appropriate for the 85 degree Octobers we have here! I was so ticked off I made it too short so now it needs leggings to go with it. I just didn’t buy enough fabric, it was completely my fault.

The Mother/Son Dance had a 60’s theme so I dragged brought Jacob to the fabric store and he picked out this crazy looking batik. I made him Carla’s festive vest and myself a tunic. Alas, we did not win best dressed with all those fancy moms in their mod dresses and gogo boots. It was a wild sight and we had a great time!

For Thanksgiving, Megan picked out this patchwork-looking fabric and I made her a tunic. I was going to ruffle up some jeans to go with them, but she only has three pairs and I figured she would only wear this top for a month. What a horrible mom I am!

With the leftovers, I made my mom some criss cross coasters (which I love because there is no topstitching). I made some for Megan’s teacher and she said, “They’re so cute! What are they?” I laughed about that one, but I am so glad she asked me! Can you imagine getting a gift and then not knowing what to do with it? You don’t see a lot of fabric coasters around, so it’s a good thing they are so cute.


And that’s October and November! Thanks for checking in with me and I will update with December projects soon (I promise!).


Father/Daughter Dance February 7, 2009

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Now that I am sewing, every special event is an occasion for a new outfit. The Father/Daughter Dance at school is no exception and Megan had fun picking out what she wanted. I had a costume pattern, but changed it a little so I could make the top from Carla’s peasant top pattern. Really, there is no reason to make a commercial pattern with bias tape when hers is much simpler and faster. It came together pretty quickly and Megan was very pleased with it. We were going to do blue gingam, but she had these black boots so I talked her into red and black. Plus, I really like her in red!

I do have to say with the amount I spent on fabric, lacing, fringe, eyelets and interfacing; it would have been cheaper to buy a costume. But it wouldn’t have been hand-made with love, right? And it definitely would not have fit properly, which I am proud to say, this outfit does.

She does not like the hat, however, so I am sure she did not wear it after the pictures were over. And she wanted make-up, so I gave her a little blush and freckles with my eyeliner pencil and of course, lipstick. I am sure they had a great time, I can’t wait until the get home to hear all about it!

Aren’t they cute?