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Fun with T-Shirts: Part 2 July 5, 2010

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What to do on a rainy 4th of July? Start cutting up old t-shirts, of course! That’s how Megan and I spent our 4th of July, anyway, between watching movies and eating Tom’s grilled wings. I had been thinking about how to salvage Megan’s old t-shirts that are too short to wear. We decided to turn them into halter tops and she loves them.

For this project you need one or more old t-shirts, elastic and 20 minutes. That’s it!

Start with an old t-shirt. I have to apologize for these pictures; it was so dark and rainy the flash went off for most of them and it really distorts the colors.

Through both layers, cut off the arms.

Just under the collar, make one straight cut through both layers of the shirt.

On just the back, cut a straight line just under the bottom of where the sleeve was.

If you want, you can finish the sides and back. I serged the edge, starting at the top, running down the side, across the back and then back up the other side. You can use a zig zag stitch, or doing nothing at all, really. It’s a personal preference.

Try it on your victim. If it is gaping, you’ll want to make a casing for elastic. Also note if the halter top is too short at this point. Question: does her hair look greenish to you? I think it was starting to look a little green and bought special shampoo the last time we got haircuts and it still looks green to me!

Fold under 1/2 inch and press. Sew, starting at the top side and backstitch and stop at the side seam. Leave a couple of inches and then sew the back. Stop a couple of inches from the other side seam (don’t forget to backstitch) and then start again from the side seam and continue all the way up to the top. Now you have a casing for elastic.

Measure your victim, on the back from armpit to armpit. This is the length to make the elastic. Put a safety-pin in one end of the elastic and run in through the hole you left when you made the casing.

When you get all the elastic in the casing, sew it inside at the beginning end (top to bottom in the casing). When you get to the other side, repeat so that the elastic is secure in both sides. Sew the casing closed at both ends.

I serge the top and fold it over the same way as the sides and back.

That’s it! You can run ribbon through the top casing and tie it around the neck. On a top that was too short, I cut off the bottom of a second shirt and used it as the tie and then used the middle of the shirt to extend the length. On another one, I cut off the bottom of the original shirt and added length from a second shirt. The possibilities are endless! 

Don’t mind the little sourpuss. She was completely finished with pictures at this point and was ready to go into the pool (it had finally stopped raining!).

ps: Happy 4th of July! Don’t you love it when last year’s outfit still fits? I know Tiffani does! 😉 By the way, we need good craft projects for sand dollars. Megan collected about 30 the last time we went to the beach. We finally got the smelly things bleached and ready for crafting (it’s hard when there’s no sun!).


One Response to “Fun with T-Shirts: Part 2”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Megan looks adorable! Dallas didn’t want to wear his outfit I made him last year (he didn’t want to wear it then either). If you remember I totally cased yours but for a boy! Of course he said he would wear it when I asked BEFORE I made it!!

    I love the new shirts! What a cute idea! I also love how you lengthened them. Great ideas!

    Sand dollar projects, save them for a disney cruise and make ornaments for the fish extenders. I think someone either painted on or somehow got an image of the boat on them and then dated them, etc. They were adorable and even more fun would be the cruise we take next for you guys to be with us!!

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