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A Quick Sweater Reconstruction March 4, 2009

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I can’t believe this is a year old! I attempted my first reconstruction last year and wrote a little tutorial about it. It was a little hard to find because apparently Teresa did not find it helpful enough to bookmark (insert snooty here), but I thought I would share it anyway. I cannot just envision what I want to do and start cutting and sewing to make it happen, so this worked perfectly for me because it was half pattern/half winging it. Also, if you are prone to shrinking your sweaters, it is a great way to get use out of them (providing you have a smaller person to wear them).

So I took a sweater that was too short for me and a t-shirt pattern:


I laid the pattern on top of the sweater and trimmed the sides. I left it long because Megan is cursed, er I mean blessed with a long-waist like me and extra length is always appreciated. Also, I didn’t have to worry about hemming the bottom of the sweater. This will give you a tunic sized top or a dress if your little one is very little.

I sewed the sides back together (and serged). I took the sleeves and wrapped the pattern around and trimmed. You are going to want to wrap the sleeve pattern around the sleeve as best you can and pin and then cut. You can make them longish or shortish, whichever you prefer. I left them longish for my monkey-armed kid.

And then I sewed the sleeves back on. Be careful to match the seams and don’t pull too much or it will be bunchy. I serged the seam. Voila! A little girl sweater!

When you are picking a sweater, I found the slight v-neck style gives the best result and looked like it fit the kid, as opposed to being too big and gaping around the neck. I asked a friend if it looked hand-made (my fear with recons) but she assured me it looks like I bought it from Gap (yay!). And since I made it roomy and long, it still fits her this winter!


9 Responses to “A Quick Sweater Reconstruction”

  1. Kelli Says:

    I remember when you did this!! Megan looks so cute!! Her mama is right brilliant!

    and Steph…no math is easy math to my bone headed self.

    when are you going to post pictures of the dismeet?! I wanna see I wanna see!!!!!!

  2. Jessica Says:

    I know it has seen some cold days this winter!

  3. stephres Says:

    LOL! I didn’t really take many. I am not a good photographer; I forget! I stole some from the others’ trip reports though.

  4. Heather Says:

    I’m sure that was in the bookmarks! I even went back to look at it! We value your input sweeheart! 😉

  5. stephres Says:

    Hmm, my detective skills are defective then. I couldn’t find it!

  6. Cathy Says:

    That is such a GREAT idea!!!! I never would have thought of that…I hate when sweaters shrink but what a great plan to reconstruct for my DD’s. Thanks for the tute!

  7. ...t. Says:

    What a great reconstruct Steph!! You are so good at making these tutorials too! I am uber impressed!

  8. Jeanne Says:

    I was just looking at your sweater reconstruction and Lily was in here with me. I said “look she made a new sweater!” And Lily looked at the picture and said “for Megan?” ??????? I never said Megan! Tell Megan Lily remembered her and her name just from looking at the picture. I’m a little askeered.

  9. stephres Says:

    What a sweetie pie that Lily is! Megan talks about her on-line friends all the time!

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