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Gymboree Fun January 28, 2009

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When Jacob was little, I had quite the Gymboree addiction, which I tried very hard to quit by the time baby girl Megan was born. Luckily there was a Target close by when she was little so I managed not to spend an arm and a leg clothing her (for the most part) and she was always dressed very cute. Now, thanks to my sewing buddies, I have discovered the joys of Gymboree again. It is a lot more fun buying one or two pieces and sewing matching bottoms. Plus they fit, which doesn’t happen with store bought clothes.

I love the zebra heart line they had and probably bought more than I needed to (we only get cold enough to wear a sweater for like 4 weeks out of the year):




I felt pretty good after these, even though the zebra was a little wonky. They were not anywhere as fancy as some of the pieces sold on ebay and etsy, but they worked for Megan and she liked them. So with my Gymbucks in hand, I headed back the store to get something cute for spring.



Man, does she get a lot of compliments on her hippy jeans! If only people knew how easy they are; so much simplier than a twirl skirt with miles of ruffle. Last year I donated an outfit to the silent auction at the kids’ school, I am thinking I should donate some hippy jeans!

Now the question is, can I restrain myself from entering the store until the summer stuff comes out? Really, the kid doesn’t need any more clothes!


Note: I know my pictures suck. I am so jealous of those who take beautiful artistic pictures. I was never much of an artist and you can really tell here. So, please give me any pointers if you can!


7 Responses to “Gymboree Fun”

  1. Teresajoy Says:

    He Steph!!!! Your site is looking good! As for the pictures, they look good to me! Don’t be so hard on yourself!! I love seeing all these Megans on one page!

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Stephers is bloggin’! Cool!

  3. Kelli Says:

    Wow Steph!! Good start! Seriously…I have an obsession with Gymboree too!!! My step daughter is nearly too big for Gymboree…she’s still a size 10…I bought her two pairs of Gymboree jeans in a size 12 recently and a darling pair of spring green cords. SO cute!! Of course…you have Gymboree coming out of your fingertips!! Steph seriously, you are so incredibly talented. I’m green with envy. I have so often been in Gymboree (I seriously browse in there frequently…) and thought “Wow…Steph could make this…” You must know that you are one of the best on the Dis…right up there with Teresa and Heather and…oh what’s her name…Ireland’s mom…and CarlaC!! You don’t give yourself enough credit!!

    I intend to use your services often…b/c you see…well, you’ll be the first I’m telling of my friends. Jason and I have officially started the process of adopting a little girl from China!! I was hoping that you would make a “bringing home” outfit for me!! Of course this process is incredibly long and it could be three years in all seriousness…but still. I’m already imagining all the little girl outfits I will be purchasing from Florida!!!! Twirl skirts and appliqued jeans and nighties and dresses of all kinds. This girl is going to be frilled to pieces!!!

    I love your blog! great start!!!!


  4. Cathy Says:

    Wow, I love this! Meg looks great in all of those cute customs! So what’s Oprah talkin about today???

  5. Lori (glorib) Says:

    Hey Steph! I love your blog – Megan looks adorable in her customs, as usual! I keep thinking I should start a blog, but have yet to. You’ve inspired me!

  6. stephres Says:

    Thanks for all your comments! I would love to sew for you again Kelli. Lori, I would love to read your blog (and of course see more pictures of Caleb and Ella)!

  7. Tifani Says:

    So Steph, when are ya gonna put up a tut for those hippie jeans??? Eh, I already have the directions…I just think you should share them w/ everyone else. LOL

    My mom used to make them for my sister and me (when we were in highschool) by splitting the outside of the jeans at the seam and inserting a wedge shaped piece in, the bigger the wedge = the wider the bell. We thought we were VERY cool. Megan always looks like she LOVES wearing those jeans!!

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